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This is "Telehell", Where We cover the worst, the dumbest, the most sin-worthy of TV moments from the past 7 decades. Then, we rate them on a scale based on Dante's 9 circles of Hell. Add dry wit and cheesy jokes to the mix, and you've got something that will last throughout eternity--we hope. 

STARTING NOVEMBER 28TH, 2021, Telehell will become a Bi-Weekly program; this is being done so that we have more time to make the best possible show for 'ya. We hope this change will do us All some good. Until then, thanks for coming and remember our Motto:

"If It's Not in Telehell...It's Not worth a Damn!"

Sep 1, 2019

What discussion of Bad TV would be complete without talking about  the single most Expensive series/failure of all time (at the time). All Aboard for a trainwreck!

CAUTION: Language advisory